The New |Desert| Level

This is a new level that wasn’t in the 1st season of the series ‘The Moon 2050’, but it will definitely be in the third. The level will please you with its special visual appeal, musical accompaniment, and nice upgrades, which I will tell you more about now.

Bot NT-271 shoots out of his hands and explodes spectacularly.

There will be robotic Chains Dogs and Electro Worms that you may have previously encountered in Season 1 Episode 8 at the ‘Moon Race’. Approaching the latter is undesirable because contact with them shortens your life.

Also in the level, there will be many different unexpected traps, which will also reduce your lives. I say in advance that caution when passing you will not hurt at all.

There will be indicators, guns that you will find and that will do more damage to your opponents, and also an indicator of items you need to find.

You will surely enjoy this level and every next one because we will amaze our loyal fans and players for a long time to come. Tentatively, the update will be available in the game in April-May 2021. In the meantime, you can take a look at the screenshots from the new level.