The Moon 2050™ – Sci-Fi Single Player RPG

        A computer game based on the animated comic show (web series), the space saga The Moon 2050™, where Harry (main character) tries to figure out why all biological creatures have started disappearing from the planet Moon 2050. He discovers that this is happening throughout the universe and that only aliens and controlled robots are left.

        As it turns out, cyborgs, robots, and aliens are controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the inventor, who is at the head of the sinister corporation Black Hole Inc., which puts horrible experiments on biological creatures, trying to digitalize their brain and use it to improve the quality of the AI for sinister purposes.

        In the game, Harry has to assemble a team and overthrow the regime, which was established by AI and its creator. To do this, he gathers a team of his friends (General Green, Jimmy, Shaggy, Cyborg Joe, Sam, Guide), with whom you can get acquainted by watching the animated series.

The game will be divided into several meaningful parts and you and Harry will have to do the following:

— Find and free all the team members
— Go through all the tasks and missions with them
— After that, find all the items necessary for further game progress 
— Destroy all the ringleaders
— Destroy all enemy laboratories and armories and the main headquarters
— Build biological regeneration centers in their place
— Leave the planet and wait for the next part of the game

The Moon 2050™ – An Animated web-show & Space Saga

        An animated web series that, in a comical and ridiculous way, tells the story of the confrontation between biological beings and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI seeks to gain dominance in the galaxy and control all life, and a team of brave and funny characters, led by Harry, gives him a serious fight back.

        At the head of an empire that develops and controls AI is the Black Hole inc. corporation, where the Professor is setting up his horrific experiments, creating a super being that will continue his work and become an extension of his sinister designs and ideas.

        In his attempts to create his perfect creation, the Professor has failed many experiments, creating autonomous robots that stop listening and obeying him. He got rid of the results of his failed experiments by throwing them away in Junk Valley.

        However, these “failed” specimens, his failed experiments were able to organize themselves and create an alternative system of artificial planets in the galaxy, populate them and build a perfect system of intergalactic trade and economic activities (experimental laboratories, manufacturing, logistics, and cloning centers).

All these details will be revealed as the plot of the series develops, and we are happy to share more interesting plot nuances with the most interested viewers.

        Let’s go back to the very beginning and summarize, the main character Harry, lost his best friend and comrade Sam, because of the experiments of the AI, whose main mission is to control the number of biological creatures in the galaxy. He decides to find him and goes in search of him, pre-gathering his dream team. And what happens next, you will learn from the series.

        The animation series has repeatedly won international festivals in the category ‘Short Animation Film’ and here’s a list of all the festivals and all the awards it has won:

42nd Annual Telly Awards, Winner in the category/ Online / Craft-Fully Animated piece, 2021, NY (USA)

Best Shorts Competition, WINNER of Award of Merit ‘Animation’, March 2021, California (USA)

Vegas Movie Awards™, FINALIST and AWART OF MERIT WINNER ‘BEST ANIMATION’, March 2021, Las Vegas (USA)

Oniros Film Awards – New York, FINALIST and HONORABLE MENTION ‘Best Animation’, February 2021, NY (USA)

The IndieFEST Film Awards, WINNER of award of recognition ‘Animation’, February 2021, California (USA)

New York International Film Awards™ – NYIFA, WINNER of award ‘Best Animation’, January 2021, NY (USA)

Best Animation Awards, WINNER of award ‘Animation Experimental’, January 2021, London (UK)

American Golden Picture International Film Festival, WINNER of award ‘Best Animated Short’, December 2020, Florida (USA)

— Another festivals and awards: Cult Movies International Film Festival (Nominee, January 2021), London International Web & Shorts Film Festival (UK) (Semi-finalist, January 2021).