Preview for the 2nd Episode of 3rd Season || Release date | April

New episode, new discoveries! It’s tough to add anything else to that phrase.

We are well and truly on track with the intended route of our story, about the space adventures of Harry and his crew. And so, in anticipation of the release of the second episode, we’d like to do a recap. 

As we recall, the enemy bot Laxis, after losing the fight to Jimmy, decided to get his revenge and shoot Lucky, but this led to the death of Chief Ant, who set himself up to save the guys. 

The resistance team managed to destroy 2 generators and weaken the defenses of Black Hole inc. However, the first battle in outer space was lost.

What can we expect from the new episode? 

– Of course the grief and experience of the loss of Chief Ant, who was the measure of the leaders of all races and planets in the artificial universe. 

Jimmy is angry at Lucky

– Robodogs relays the resistance the new coordinates of the generator. 

– The Resistance arrives at the site, but things seem suspiciously strange. 

– Sam and General Green break through the armor on Black Hole again, but something has gone wrong. 

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much more, so you’ll just have to wait for a new episode! But we tried to shine more light at the emotions of the main characters, their relationships and support, in difficult situations, details of battles and fights and prepared some surprises that our viewers will definitely enjoy!