Preview for the 1st episode of 3rd season || Release date | March

Here we come to the logical conclusion of our space story.

I can’t say that with the end of Season 3, our series will cease to exist.

But I, as an author, will put a period, followed by an ellipsis. But that’s another story, and now I’d like to tell you a little bit about season 3 and to give you a glimpse of what’s in store for episode 1.

The new season will not be like its predecessors, although I can say that we did a good job on the second season. We tried a lot of things and experimented with a lot of things. 

There were moments that we liked a lot, and there were also things that could not be fully realized. But this is purely an author’s point of view, the rest we leave to the audience to evaluate. On the whole, we have achieved our own unique individual style. And this is one of our main victories. 

Again, the new season will be very different. 

Throughout the whole season, our viewers will be in pleasant suspense. There will be exciting ground and space battles in every episode. We’ll keep your emotions on at all times and the tension will build from episode to episode. And the reward for attention will be the climax in the last episode of the season. The denouement will be unexpected, but it will be bright enough to meet your expectations! 

You are going to witness a lot of team battles and single-player battles, there will be more new heroes, each episode will have a unique soundtrack, in the style of Synthwave. It’s also not without its flaws. There will be enough emotionally heavy and slightly sentimental moments. There will be jokes, magic, and an ineffable atmosphere of the cartoon world. 

This is all that team and I work so passionately for. Yes, by the way, I’ll be sure to tell you about everyone involved in the creation of this incredible series. But later and within reason!

Okay, I need to stop with the spoilers everything that’s going to happen. Now a little bit about the new episode: 

  • The release date for the first episode will be announced last minute. But it will definitely be in March. 
  • The First episode is going to be laid out in a non-linear way, first, we show the heat of a future battle, and then we gradually move into its preparation and bring the viewer back to the present moment. 
  • There will be a multitude of dynamic events.
  • Chief Ant and Chief Boo will show themselves in action. 
  • Lucky will demonstrate his fighting power.
  • Something could go wrong. Guess what! =)
  • Well, of course, the jokes of General Green, will not leave you indifferent. 
  • You’ll be amazed by the new graphics and effects, the expression of emotions, and many more interesting features that we have prepared for you, dear viewers, in the new episode. And what seems to you like a movie gag, in fact, it won’t be.

And here you can see screenshots from the short excerpts of the first episode.

See you soon!