Game Release, Latest updates, New Level !

We are happy to announce the release of the game The Moon 2050™

The game is ready so that you can enjoy playing it. We tried to take into account a lot of plot details, while maintaining simplicity and minimalism. We will continue to update the game further and every time to delight you with new story additions.

Together with the release, We’d like to share our latest updates, which will surely excite you:

— We’ve completely reassembled the gameplay, now it looks even more attractive; 

— We’ve added an indicator of weapons, an indicator of the army you are hiring, an indicator of all the items you will need to find; 

— We’ve changed the logic of hiring Green Alien soldiers. With enough funds, you will be able to hire soldiers wherever you need them; 

— It is now possible to skip all the video clips, in particular the starting clip, the clip about the saved characters and the story clip; 

— The dialogue window between characters is now more interactive and targeted. You will see that there will be 2 characters on 2 sides of the text window, one is Harry and the other is the character you are rescuing or with whom you need to complete the mission. 

Now let me tell you about the new level The Desert:

1. First, you are teleported to the desert from the Green Moon Bar when the Mooncraft appears there. The ship is not available until all preparatory missions have been completed. 

2. The first such mission, you need to collect moonstones, they will help further missions. When you receive a message from the ship that you need to collect moonstones, a teleporter appears, through which you get to the desert. A small caveat, the Desert is a planet Arcana, where you still get, but in the future and already on the ship, but so far only through the teleporter. 

3. At a time you will need to collect all the stones to get you through the mission. When all will be collected, there will be a teleporter, through which you will get to the base; 

4. You will meet new enemies, such as the Chain Dogs, the iron dogs from Episode 8 Season 1, the Space Electric Worms, reminiscent of the worms from the movie Dune or Tremors;

5. You’ll see the bot NT-271 die differently, and the secret boxes look different, too;

6. There are cartoon references in the desert, such as the destroyed Robodogs ship from Episode 5 of Season 2. I think careful players and fans will appreciate this. 

7. Also some of the new, but expected stuff, we’ve added falling acid meteorites, white bots, Robo Shredders, Greens (green aliens), mines, Kamikaze and many other surprises that we have prepared for you.

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