About the 3rd Episode

We always try to make each episode better than the previous one, and this time is no exception. Episode 3 titled Let’s Give Them A Fight! starts with several events happening at once:

— Harry flies to the planet Arkana and meets the Chief there. He was a secret character who helped the Robodog brothers (Rock and Chad) when they were in outer space.

— The Chiefman informs Harry of important information which the fate depends on not only in the alternative galaxy or on The Moon 2050, but the universe as a whole.

— Sam returns to Planet 8, trying to contact his partner General Green, but to no avail. When he lands on the planet itself, he cannot detect him. At headquarters, he receives the terrible news that the General’s ship has not left the Black Hole Inc planet.

— Immediately on Planet 0 and Planet 8, fierce battles are taking place. The Professor ordered to have troops sent there, knowing that all the heads of the resistance went to the intergalactic council. Since a large army and weapons were collected on these planets, to strike in the absence of the leaders and thus weaken the resistance would be an important strategic step. But the resistance was warned about the attack form these intruders — thanks to the Chiefman! — You will see what happened to General Green, where he ended up, and what happened to him. An eerie sight. But this is the General Green. Don’t forget about his great sense of humor.

The 3rd Episode is distinguished by its atmosphere, which is manifested in the constant change of planets and musical accompaniment.

We added more emotions to the main characters, added more new techniques, added more humor, and added ridiculous moments.

This episode will have you on the edge of your seat!