Preview for the final episode of 2nd season || Release date | February 20

What’s going on, friends! It’s been more than a year, a year and a half to be exact since I decided to come up with an unusual cartoon that would appeal to adults and children alike. We went through a phase of incredible transformation, from building the most complex storylines to spectacular animation and special effects. I wouldn’t write this preamble, but I have a lot to say. First, the cartoon has been voted “Best Short Animation” several times at international film festivals and among the professional film community, and secondly, with the release of the 15th episode we are completing the second season and are not going to slow down the pace of development and growth. Ahead of us are many discoveries and improvements, as well as exciting stories, colorful and beautiful animations, and interesting dialogues. And all this is done by a team of 3 people.

Yes, yes, you heard right!

That more or less complement the cartoon’s storyline. I’ll also tell you that no big interviews will be published until Season 3 is finished. Tentatively, the last episode of season 3 will be released in the summer.

Well, let me share with you in this post what to expect in Episode 5 of Season 2. Because Season 3 is going to be very different and the first scenes of the season are ready to go.

You remember Episode 4 of Season 2, it was a completely low-key episode. It was meant to be like that, but you saw that the galaxy of the series, mystical and diverse.

You have seen the planet Zero Meridian, the direction to which Jimmy the Cyborg ‘Guide’ pointed, you have seen Planet 8, inhabited by Moontrites robotic bugs and the leader of this race stands Chief Boo, with a funny speech. And the Robodogs, along with Harry’s team, have flown to him, to enlist his support and assemble and arm an army of resistance and to destroy all the Professor’s plans to control the galaxy with artificial intelligence, as well as to avenge his losses during the battle on the planet ‘Planet 0’ of the Robodogs.

So what are we going to see in Episode 5:

– There will be new characters and new races, one of which is called the Laser punks. Here’s what they look like

– We will be introduced, to a new villain, who will be a key link in the next few episodes. The Professor will consider him his finest creation. And here’s the ship he’ll be using to travel through intergalactic space.

– Boo and Ant will begin active preparations for battle, and the Robodog brothers will set up an amusing destroy for the Black Hole’s Army.

– You can enjoy the jokes and humor that General Green puts out. Ha-hah! ?Sometimes I think this funny alien with the glasses and Elvis Presley costume makes jokes and jokes that make you want to laugh nonstop.

– You can watch funny episodes with the annoyed Professor! ?

– There will be many more interesting things in the Episode. It will be very rich and varied. I’ve tried to line up the events in a very non-linear sequence. This should add even more unpredictability.

So, I guess that’s it! Enough spoilers and promises! Let’s wait for the new episode to come out and enjoy the coolest animated show ever!

See you soon!