How I create cartoon and PC game?

Hi! My name is Paul.

I’d like to share the story of the creation of the one of a kind animated universe and The Moon 2050 space saga.

In the summer of 2019, I took my first steps on YouTube with a friend, first in children’s content, that’s how the Rainbow Songs, PamPam TV, then in adult content Facts in Box came about.

When the separation of toddler and grownup content material came about on YouTube, the venture had to be frozen. And there used to be a concept in my mind that it would be cool to make a cartoon. Cartoon for adults, in the fashion of South Park, with humor and all kinds of fun for the audience.

I decided to try and write the script of the first series, found a 2D graphics artist and we quickly made the first series. There was no plan, no long-term strategy, no scenarios for the next series. It was just the first episode of an incomprehensible cartoon about life on The Moon in 2050.

That turned out pretty good! But I was immediately pointed out all the mistakes, explained what the scenery should look like, showed examples. After that, I took into account all the shortcomings and moved on.

Then we’ve written the second episode, then the third and then a year later I got the first season of the cartoon, with stunning graphics, characters, built a storyline and a long-term development plan.

What inspired me?

In July I accidentally heard Synth Wave songs by The Midnight via YouTube recommendations. I started listening to them, I really liked the sound, but nevertheless this music did not quite excite me right away. I started listening some songs by Sincetic, The Comeback Kids. The constant listening to these tracks with my thoughts took me back to the classic movies, such as Back to the Future, Blade Runner and other futuristic movies from the 80’s. And I also started to stumble upon the fact that many video makers did, took a piece of music and put excerpts from the movie Back to the Future on it.

For some reason, this was the basis for the cartoon, space, graphics in the style of 80s and funny comedy characters who are trying to find the meaning of their existence and finally find it. I thought it might be interesting.

That’s how it all came about!

The Moon 2050, what is the concept?

It’s a fictional cosmic universe in which biological beings and artificial intelligence confront each other. The AI has already gained control of the universe and has established its own orders, according to which, at a certain frequency, some biological creatures disappear and fall into the Black Hole area — it is like a large research center, where AI conducts research on biological creatures, studying the brain, studying the structure of organs, bodies, skeleton, etc.. And then they transplant a special chip and take control of the biological shell and use that shell to clone new vessels so that new AI-controlled creatures can appear.

In the storyline, the AI has already gained control of most of the planets in the universe.

And so a bunch of weird guys start their journey from Point 0, Green Moon Bar, trying to find the meaning of their existence.

It is also worth noting that on the planet The Moon 2050 people, cyborgs and alien-like creatures have already become friends. Aliens even began to copy people, taking all the bad things from them, but not understanding what it is like to experience or that emotional state, such as emptiness, helplessness, unconscious existence.

Our main character, Harry, or as he is already seen known — Astronaut Harry, lost many of his family members and friends, as a result of the outbreaks of extinction in the universe. That is, you may have a pilot sitting with you and suddenly he disappears, or you may be sitting in a bar with company and suddenly your friends disappear, etc.

He starts to accidentally meet and find members of his future team and decides to end what is happening in the universe, knowing that this is a sign and an opportunity to find again lost meaning. He goes in search of his lost friends and also to find out how to stop what is happening.

On the way the guys stumble upon various difficulties and obstacles, however they always manage to get out of all tough situations with ease, also giving viewers a little giggle here and there.

What are the plans for The Moon 2050?

To date, I have already made the first season of the cartoon. I got 10 episodes, the average duration of each is 5 minutes. You can watch the cartoon on our YouTube channel and for all the behind the scenes footage and trailers visit our Instagram.

We managed to rethink a lot of aspects of the production, build a long-term strategy, improve graphics, improve voice, improve effects and make our own music.

I’m already working on the script of the first episode of the second season and I hope that in September we can show it to the world.

I plan on making a Season 2 and 3 by telling the story of our characters individually, picturing how they achieve their goals. We plan to make five 10-minute episodes per season.

And after Season 3 there will be a question whether to develop the universe further or go into the format of the South Park. Probably, I’ll be based on the viewer’s reception.

If the viewer wants to see full-length episodes in each season, lasting more than 40 minutes, we will think about how it can be done. But most likely, by that time the content will already be available on subscription based streaming platforms.

I plan to increase the channels of distribution of animated content to attract more viewers to the story of The Moon 2050. These include themed blogs, social networks, podcast and music marketplaces and my own website.

I also started making the game based on the cartoon from January 2020. There were a lot of ideas where to start, with the mobile version and the PC, and eventually I decided to go for PC as a target platform.

It will be an online PC shooter with elements of strategy.

In the game, the player gets to live the story of Harry and his team, trying to achieve the goal of overthrowing the AI mode. To do this, he builds his base, obtains resources, creates equipment, creates and armies an army, finds enemy bases and laboratories, captures them and begins to recreate biological creatures.

With other players, it will be possible to cross over the network game, engage in an armed battle, become allies, buy back the army, etc.

Also in the game there will be more games in which you can participate in races, pump up pilot and pilot skills, participate in fist battles, etc. This will allow the player to choose the game formats close to him and not get bored, keeping his attention in the game.

We’re going to do our best to make it perfect and to get it right and also we’d love to hear the feedback from our community and improve our game by listening to them and releasing new updates with a frequency of 2–3 weeks.

We’re also very serious about the sound in the game: ambient music, sound effects, soundtracks are going to be picked out very carefully. I will talk about it a little later.

Perhaps there will be a mobile version of the game, but it will be more like a series of mini-games with some clear game logic, to play which will be possible, within 10–15 minutes.

Now we are in the active phase, when we are working on improving the game graphics, coding the second version of the game, which will form the basis of the full product. Alas, working with the first programmer did not work out, but now the team has been selected correctly.

A lot of work is being done to attract venture capital financing and I think that in the near future a new cool product will appear on the market, which will be in demand among gamers, including in the e-sports industry.

The first part of my podcast-interview has come to an end, the next part of the podcast will be recorded once the first results are confirmed.

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Have a nice day and I’ll see you soon! =)